Paint Works


Karagiozis Bright groom-oil on canvas 50x60 cm
Victories-Oil in canvas
80x100 cm
de in Greece-mixed technique on paper
36x48 cm
Karagiozis running-collaz on silver paper
49x70 cm
Karagiozis crying-[from Picassos the woman who cries]
pastel on paper
30x50 cm
In Turkish room-after Bal thus-oil on canvas
120x90 cm
After Rubens-acryl on canvas
70x100 cm
The awakening-after Balthus-oil on canvas
70x100 cm
Karagiozis with Anna Visi-acryl on canvas
180x100 cm
Kapagiozis with Ruvas-acryl on canvas-
145x90 cm
Sodomer-collaz on silver paper
-49x70 cm
Sex Drags and Rock and Roll-Collaz on gold paper.
49x66 cm
Karagiozis and the hut-oil on canvas
30x40 cm
Karagiozis and the cursed snake-mixed technique on paper
40x50 cm
Walking whith a gun-oil on canvas
45x50 cm
After van Gogh- the potato eaters-oil on canvas
120x90 cm
Karagiozis in Mykonos-Oil on canvas
80x80 cm
After Rafael-oil on canvas
80x60 cm

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