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Marina Petris was born in 1961, in Gratz, Austria. However, her family comes from Myconos.

First she attended public and private schools in Athens, and then she attended the First Economic High School of Athens in the area of Gyzi.
She studied art in the Highest School of Fine Arts in Athens from 1978 to 1983. Her professors were D. Mytaras, G. Mavroidis and G. Moralis.
She also took sculpture courses offered by professor G. Nikolaidis in the same school.
Thanks to a scholarship from the Institution of State Scholarships, she studied art in the Audio Visual Department of the Royal College of Art from 1985 to 1987.
She stayed in London until 1990.
Since 1990, she has been on the move, living in Piraeus, Myconos and Berlin.
In addition to art, she also focuses on comics, decoration, illustration, folklore, radio program creation, stage design.
She has been active abroad taking part in Greek communities and Organizations, doing cultural work and assisting Greek people with their problems.
She has also been active on the island of Myconos, her homeland, making an active contribution to local culture.

As far as films are concerned, in 1987 she created the short film "Name Marina" (Audio Visual), which was presented in a show organized by the Royal College of Art in London.
In 1998 she created her second short film "The Sleeping Beauty".
The above two films represented Greece in the Media Festival of Osnabruc, Germany, in 1998.

As far as theater is concerned, she has done stage design for the Art Theater of London.
In 1989 she wrote and staged the play "Selinou" on Myconos, which is an adaptation of a homonymous popular fairy tale.

In 1990 she founded the cultural society "Hellenic Fairy-tale Drama" to propagate Greek Fairy Tales and Tradition. She set up children's shows in the form of theatrical games and puppet shows, adapting popular Greek fairy tales.
From 1993 to 1996 she operated the Gallery "ONLY ONE" on Myconos, organizing a number of events focusing on visual arts, literature, music, special shows and art lessons for children. She is still organizing art lessons.
In 2004 she set up the publishing firm MYCONIAN LIGHT.

In 1999 - 2000 she organized the MILLENNIUM celebrations for the Municipality of Myconos.
In 2001 she organized the cultural aspect of the twinning process between the Municipallity of Myconos and the City of Toron, Japan.
In 2002 she organized an event comprising shows for children as part of the summer festival of the Municipality of Nikaia.
In 2004 she organized the Olympic Games celebration of Day Care Stations for the Municipality of Piraeus, which included a play staged at the Veakeion Theater.
In 2005 she staged a play at Veakeion for the Day Care Stations of the Municipality of Piraeus, celebrating the 170 years of Piraeus.
In the same year, 2005, she designed the Myconos Hotel Owners' stand in the international Tourist exhibition of New York, where Mr. Avramopoulos, the Minister of TOURISM, awarded a distinction to Myconos.

As far as poetry, literature, historical and folklore studies, and children's literature are concerned, she has published various texts in newspapers and magazines since 1978.
In 1980 she was the first prize winner in the competition held by the Association for International Detente and Peace.
In 1981 she published the poetry collection "First Touch".
In 1983 she took part in a poetic evening held as part of the Meeting of New Creators in the Gallery "Hour", in Athens.
In 1986 she published the poetry collection "Golden Bottom".
In 1991 she published the poetry collection "Marina no longer exists".
In 1993 she presented her poetry work in the art center "Begine", Berlin, and in the Gallery "Yakinthos", Nyreberg.
In 1994 she did so in the Association of Greek Scientists and Academics in Berlin, where a collection of her poems was published under the title "Aniram".
In 1995 her poetry collection "WE SHALL MEET IN HEAVEN" (the seven plus one manuscripts of Myconos) was launched by "MONO ENA" publications.
In 1996 she presented her poems in the bookstore "Prisma", Piraeus, in the bookstore "Plython", Athens, and in the "Coffee Show", Athens.
In 1998 she did so in the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, as well as in Tinos.
In 1999 she did so in the Cultural Center of Myconos.
In 2000 her Myconian Fairy Tale "Aleofaesa" (adaptation - illustration) was launched by "Labyrinthos" publications.
In 2002 she wrote and illustrated the fairy tale "She-good, It-good", which w as published by "Onoma" publications.
In 2003 s he wrote and illustrated the fairy tales "Coat" and "Shadow", which were published by "Gnosi and Techni" publications.
In 2004 she set up the publishing firm MYCONIAN LIGHT. So far she has published the following: "Abc book, Fables, Legends, traditions in ancient Olympia until they were revived".
- "A Church built by angels".
2005 "The little one from Piraeus",
" Virgin Mary, Trourliani"
2006, "The Virgin Mary of Theotokopoulos on Syros" 2006
In 2006 a speech was given on her work at the premises of MYCONIAN LIGHT PUBLICATIONS ALONG WITH a visual-theatrical performance on her new book "THE VIRGIN MARY OF THEOTOKOPOULOS ON SYROS" at ELEFTHEROUDAKIS, MYCONOS.
In 2007 she set up a visual performance for presenting the book "THE VIRGIN MARY OF THEOTOKOPOULOS ON SYROS" at EKVASIS ART ROOM (Loli's art house).
In 2008 the Third Arsakeion School of Athens held a presentation, in the form of a theatrical show, of her new book "THE VIRGIN MARY OF THEOTOKOPOULOS ON SYROS" at STOA VIVLIOU.
Since 2005 she has been working with the magazine SECRET GREECE, published by AGNOSTO, where she has published the following historical - folklore treatises: Fairy tales in Greece, The Fates, The "Xarostika", The Masks, The Secret MYCONOS, The Unknown PIRAEUS, The Ancient Intelligent Weapons, The Labyrinth, The Unknown Kalambaka, etc.

The 1992 Unicef card collection included one of her works.
Other works of hers are found in the National Gallery of Athens, in the Ministry of Culture, in the Municipality of Myconos, in the Collection of the Highest School of Fine Arts in Athens, in the Vorres and Pierridis Museums, in the Haremberg Collection in Germany, in the Collection of the Art Gallery of Jekaterynburg, Russia, in the Association of Greek and German scientists in Germany, in the Collection of the Museum of the City of Yoron, Japan, as well as in other private collections.


1978 - Municipal Gallery of Mykonos
1979 - Municipal Gallery of Mykonos
1980 - Ora Gallery
1982 - Municipal Gallery of Mykonos
1983 - Ora Gallery
1984 -Gallery 3
1984 - Municipal Gallery of Mykonos
1987 - Stephen Bartley Gallery
1987 - The Theatre Gallery
1988 - Heremberg Art Centre - Heremberg Germany
1988 - Trinity Arts College - Tumbridge Wells, England
1988 - Greek National Bank - London
1988 - Municipal Gallery of Mykonos - Mykonos
1989 - Heremberg Academy - Heremberg
1989 - Theatro Technis - London
1990 - Gallery Goltz strasse 32 - Berlin
1991 - Begine Art Center - Berlin
1992 - "Apo tin Ellada" Bookstore - Berlin
1992 - Im Hinterhof Gallery - Berlin
1993 - Begine Art Center - Berlin
1993 - Association of Greek Scientists and Academics - Berlin
1994 - Miro Gallery - Berlin
1994 - Gotischen Haus Cultural Center, Municipality of Spandau - Berlin
1996 - Gallery aus Havelufer - Berlin
1998 - Gallery of Comerz Bank - Berlin
1999 - 8 Ditika Gallery - Athens
1999 - Edem - Art Room - Mykonos
2000 - Idrotehnon Art Galery - Athens
2000 - Voulas place - Mykonos
2001 - Gallery Town Theatre - Piraeus
2002 - Gallery Theofilos - Athens
2002 - Gallery Iliotropio - Larnaca - Cyprus
2002 - Camares Gallery - Mykonos
2003 - Weekend Gallery - Berlin
2003 - Skourli Gallery - Elounda Mare - Crete
2003 - Santa Marina - Myconos
2004 - Tharoe - Myconos
2005 - Cafe Sante - Thessaloniki
2005 – Second Municipal Department of the MUNICIPALITY of Piraeus
2007 - EKVASIS ART ROOM (Loli's art house) - Athens

1981 - National Conservatory, Athens
1983 - Gallery Antinor, Athens
1983 - Gallery Engonopoulos, Athens
1985 - Gallery Zygos, Athens
1986 - Gallery Antinor , Athens
1986 - Royal College of Art, London
1986 - Henry Moore Gallery of Artby Courtney Artchischester, England
1986 - Groucho Club sponsored by Benetton London
1987 - Henry Moore Gallery, London
1988 - Bunt Institute - Stuttgart - Germany
1988 - Theatre of Siegen - Siegen - Germany
1988 - Bunt Institute Gallery - Stuttgart - Germany
1988 - Rodon Bar, Athens
1988 - Adlung Gallery, New York
1990 - German & Greek Union of Academics, Schwetzingen, Germany
1990 - Gallery Opsis - Mykonos
1990 - Gallery Weekend - Berlin
1991 - Gallery Siniore - Stuttgart
1991 - Netphen Kunstwochen - Germany
1991 - Peter Edel Art Center - Berlin
1991 - "C'est La Lu", Luberckerstr 21 - Berlin
1991 - Gallery Weekend - Berlin
1991 - Municipal Gallery of Mykonos
1991 - Gallery Henrike Madest Reutlingen - Germany
1992 - Gallery Weekend - Berlin
1992 - Gallery Lebendiges Museum - Berlin
1996 - Kulturforum am Airport - Stuttgart - Germany
1998 - Kivotos Art Gallery - Athens
1998 - Gallery Diana Giulia - Athens
1999 - Ekaterinburg Museum - Ekaterinburg - Russia
1999 - Athina Art - Nikosia - Cyprus
2000 - 8 Ditica art center - Athens
2000 - Gallery Iliotropio - Larnaka - Cyprus
2001 - Gallery Iliotropio - Larnaka - Cyprus
2001 - Gallery Athina Art - Nicosia - Cyprus
2001 - Kivotos Gallery - Athens
2001 - Gallery Anemos - Athens
2001 - Idrotechnon Gallery - Athens
2002 - Idrotechnon Gallery - Athens

She has also published various texts on art and art review in the "Pan Road", "Agean Sea Isues" and "Secret Greece" magazines, in the "New Myconos" and "Myconian" newspapers, as well as other texts in Greece and abroad.

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